Why Moore Creative Consulting?

"If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy!"

Hey there, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Natalie Moore, the founder of Moore Creative Consulting and I'm dying to share the story about how my business was born. Above all, I'd like to answer the question that is burning in the minds of many people: why in the world would I leave a job I loved, a city I longed to explore and a place I called home to start a business?

Well friends, I have never, ever taken the easy route, because that path is boring...and crowded! I enjoy a challenge, reach for them, crave them in fact. Even more important, I felt drawn to small businesses entrepreneurs and their work ethic. I'm intrigued by their passion to grow and I want to fix their stress of wondering how to market themselves and how vexing it is to have some great marketing ideas, but no time to develop and execute them. Entrepreneurs are masters of their trade and they deserve the luxury to be able to focus on it.

I find teaching, coaching and leading entrepreneurs in their marketing, communications and branding tactics extremely fun. It's an experience even more rewarding than living the high life in the city of lights (Toronto). In smaller city centres, marketing is a different beast, more than ever you have to know your audience. You have to really, really know them - because in a small city, if there is a Rib Fest, Corn Fest or sought after event, you can rest assured that almost the whole city will be there. There is nothing worse than marketing in a smaller city centre and having no idea what your audience is doing on a certain night. Or, not knowing that the majority of a population is a certain age with specific interests. This audience is temperamental, you ruin their trust and they will tell everyone, which is rather easy when your population is less than 50,000.

If you're a florist, a wedding designer or a restauranteur for example, you are going 24/7 to keep business running smoothly and you don't have the resources to know everything happening with your audience at any given moment; even if you did, that time could be spent way BETTER!  It was with this thought that I took a giant leap off the cliff into the unknown of business ownership.

On my many long drives from Stratford to Toronto, I would think and think and think until my brain was tired from the churning. I'd jot notes like a maniac on napkins, in my phone and even magazines while my husband was at the wheel. There are marketing freelancers, website designers, graphic designers and photographers - plenty in fact, for small business owners to utilize. There are marketing companies who charge massive fees to support their bricks and mortar and there are university students who can do some marketing, communications and branding, but without strategy. It was a massive light switch that went on, my brain became clear and my vision was complete in what seemed like the perfect daydream, one I would no sooner bring to life.

Small businesses and medium sized ones even, need a person who can manage their creatives. They need someone to keep their website content updated, their social media flowing - with direction, they need someone to update all of their advertisements, to plan meaningful events and share creative content to increase their SEO. They have the technical people in their grasp, but they need the creative people so that their creativity can be used within the business rather than on the business. By being this conduit, I could actually help entrepreneurs grow their business and have a plan to move forward. It was this heart-pounding daydream and my spunk that drew me towards my goal.

It was my passion for the written word, my creative mind that literally never stops, immense support of family and friends and the guidance of my business-savvy husband that constructed Moore Creative Consulting. I can't wait to make my mark on the world and have a few giggles along the way.

Cheers to Tomorrow,

Natalie Moore

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